We are Galactic

Since its inception, Galactic has punched hard for itself and its clients. Galactic was founded in New York in 2012 to provide litigation funding to parties that otherwise would not have the means to pursue legitimate claims. While it initially focused on litigation in Australia, Galactic has expanded its reach and now does business globally, enjoying success in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Australia.

A Global, turnkey approach.

Galactic is committed to succeeding in the increasingly competitive world of litigation finance.  Several factors distinguish us from other funders.  We pride ourselves on getting back to potential clients quickly with our decision as to whether we will underwrite their case.  To do this, we employ a time-tested underwriting approach to examine and highlight legal and financial issues.  If you give us an opportunity to look at your case, you will not be waiting months for a decision about funding.  Shortly after we first review the case, a Litigation Funding Agreement can be in place.

Once funding goes forward, Galactic does not forget its clients.  Galactic is more than a passive investor—it is intentionally proactive.  Members of Galactic’s in-house legal team have experience in every venue in which Galactic funds litigation. Galactic is committed to doing everything it can to help get each client the best possible outcome, including: framing legal issues; engaging in routine discussions with the client and its legal advisors throughout the proceeding; assisting in trial preparation; and actively participating in settlement discussions.
Litigation funding offers many potential benefits such as enhanced liquidity, the ability to pursue litigation, and a healthier balance sheet. When Galactic funds a case, the client gets all of these—plus a true partner.  We do not win unless our clients do, and we will do everything we can to make that happen.

With vast experience and expertise in the enforcement of arbitral awards and court judgments worldwide, Galactic offers a comprehensive approach to litigation funding agreements. Analogous to concluding a turn-key contract in construction, partnering with Galactic extends beyond litigation support to encompass seamless enforcement of court decisions or arbitral awards, ensuring that clients not only secure funding for litigation but also receive their rightful compensation. Leveraging an in-house team of investigators, asset tracers, and adept lobbyists, Galactic ensures clients receive their rightful compensation smoothly. Through proprietary software and extensive knowhow, Galactic navigates enforcement proceedings with efficiency and efficacy, providing clients with unparalleled support throughout the process.

Our fundamental principles

Complete transparency

We are committed to equity and complete transparency regarding our capabilities and the potential outcomes for our clients so that legal counsel can effectively manage their client's expectations.

Unwavering loyalty

We don’t question the judgment of a lawyer, forcing them to settle for less. We are here to support, no matter the cost and have never stopped funding a case while it remained unresolved.

Unique perseverance

Even when facing tough opposition, our team never flinches. Once we've accepted a case, we remain steadfast in our commitment to it.

Unlimited power

You don’t have to let a lack of funding stop you from pursuing justice. Galactic’s vast financial resources enable our clients to pursue their most favorable litigation outcomes.