Meet the team

Our team is highly skilled and intentionally small, allowing for centralized decision-making and letting nothing fall through the cracks.
Charles A. Stewart, III
Director, Legal Operations - Global

Charles, a former US-based commercial litigator, brings his international expertise to Galactic as one of its newer talents. Utilizing his sharp mind, he analyzes investments, oversees cases, and liaises with management and investors. In Galactic's fast-paced culture, he values quick decisions and adherence to deadlines.

Eliezer Martin
Chief Financial Officer

Eliezer uses a pragmatic approach to numbers and is adept at bringing together data from different sources to create comprehensive reports.

His financial expertise and leadership skills make him the perfect manager of the accounting team.

Robert Bruce Morgan
Managing Director, Capital Markets

Balancing Galactic's needs with partner expectations, Bruce orchestrates fund acquisition through careful negotiation and relationship building. His commitment to ethics and accountability endures, earning him respect within Galactic and fueling the company's ongoing triumphs.

Olga Kuprenkova
Head of International Arbitration (Europe & Middle East)

Olga’s experience includes investment and commercial nternational arbitrations under the ICSID, ICC, SIAC, LCIA, UNCITRAL, SCC, DIAC Rules, and spans a broad range of sectors including energy, construction, mining, private equity and finance daily, she originates new cases, conducts due diligence, supervises associates, manages cases, and drafts submissions. Beyond her work at Galactic, Olga shares her expertise by lecturing on investment arbitration at HSE University in Moscow.

Maureen Licata
Operations Manager

Maureen Licata, Galactic’s operations manager, ensures compliance and organization across all entities. From setting up new LLCs to tracking milestones, she keeps the team on track. Beyond paperwork, Maureen communicates with key personnel and contributes to strategic discussions.

Lisa Boler
Director of Litigation- Australia

Lisa adeptly manages Galactic's cases, evaluating funding and fostering teamwork. Lisa is admitted to practice as a solicitor in New South Wales, Australia and specializes in commercial litigation including class actions in Australia. Lisa has successfully represented large financial institutions and corporations as well as smaller litigants before the Local, District, and Supreme Courts of NSW, the Court of Appeal, and the Federal Court of Australia.

Natalie Sanchez
Office Manager

Natalie Sanchez, Galactic's diligent Office Manager, excels in communication and administration. Juggling clients and meetings, she ensures Galactic's consistent efficiency.

Dominique Rosa
Executive Assistant

Dominique ensures Galactic's daily operations run smoothly with her perpetual smile. In sync with Galactic's pace, she maintains files, supports the boss, aids the CFO, and manages communications for the team.

Branden Rafoul
Director of Operations

Branden, driven both at work and in climbing, tackles challenges with determination and expertise. He is responsible for data management and venture deals.